Sacred Healing

'At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time.

More than 2500 years ago, the philosopher Pythagoras told his followers that stone is frozen music...

We now know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing...

Before we make music, music makes us.'

            -Joachim Ernst Berendt

White Branch

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Ana Indrecan

Founder of Anahita Sacred Healing


Sound healer

Reiki master

Meditation guide


‘’ I would very much recommend Ana, my healer, as she has a very calm nature, very knowledgeable on the sounds of the instruments she uses and of their meanings. She explained for sessions that I could do at home and the benefits of doing these for the outcome you require. Since my therapy sessions I am now pain free from an existing problem I had with my back and mentally have/pay more attention to my feelings and my body, so more awareness. I would thouroughly recommend.’’

Loretta Pamment , London (1-2-1 Sound Healing)


‘‘Ana has changed the way I see sound healing. I came as a cynic and as a last resort to my repetitive strain injury.
My knees and ankles have been in pain for a good part of 6 months. After 4 sessions not only has my pain significantly reduced, but I have been able to resume triathlon training. I have been initiated into subtle energy healing and will incorporate this into my life going forward. Thank you.’’

Quddous Ahmed, London (1-2-1 Sound Healing)


The sound healing sessions with Ana are truly life changing! When I first started the sessions I was in a low state and struggling with nausea. I was nervous for my first session but Ana made me feel so comfortable and at ease. On the first session I literally felt my stomach move into a more comfortable position.  I loved doing the sessions online, made it so easy to fit around my busy schedule, it's nice to be in your own home and would take a long bath straight after or use my favourite face masks during the sessions! Over the course of my sessions I experienced feelings I had never felt before and became one with myself.''

Lyndsey Bowler, London (distance Sound Healing)


‘‘ Try with confidence alternative healing methods that have no negative side effects. Be open minded. Choosing a therapist with a clean/pure mind and soul is essential .

Ana has handled these sessions with  a lot of patience and dedication.

After only 4 distance healing sessions, I am  now much more positive and my energy levels have increased. My recurring nightmares have stopped after the first session.I sleep better and my back pain is completely gone.


Andrea Maries, Romania (distance  Sound Healing)


‘‘I recommend sound healing to everyone. It helped me with physical pain and feeling more relaxed. I loved the sonic massage. I felt she is very good in doing that and very nice.’’

Souha Izzi, London (1-2-1 Sound Healing)


‘‘ At first I was very skeptical but when I tried the sessions the more I did them the more I felt the powerful effect of sound healing. It gave me a sense of deep tranquility ,mindfulness and ability to focus on positive thinking.

Ana is very understanding, to the point I felt I can be myself. ’’


Norhan Chalgin ( Nora), London (1-2-1 Sound Healing)


Thank you for the ongoing sessions Anahita Sacred Healing with Sonic massage and Tuning fork therapy, leaving my review here on your page for others to benefit from this, as well:

I have experienced a life-changing transformation over the period of six-plus months with ongoing Sound healing therapy with Anahita.

I am very practical and see it to believe it type personality and I could not have blindly accepted Sound healing as an alternate therapy over traditional medicines, but the very first session with her was a stress buster. My review in details and changes experienced:

Session 1:

- Anxiety started disappearing and felt more grounded and at ease.

- Stiffness around neck and glutes gone

- Sound sleep

- No more foggy head in the morning

Session 2:

- Activation of self-power

- Willingness to be more vulnerable with emotions

- More Joyous and flow states throughout the day

- Lost 3 Kgs by doing nothing

- Better Metabolism

Session 3:

- Finished a day ago

- Still, a lot changing with mental clarity, and Luck seems to be on my side

- Tightness around the Heart has disappeared

Overall, I am now a huge fan of Sound healing and of Anahita's and will continue the ongoing sessions with Reiki and Sound healing. Sound therapy is not just healing for past issues or emotional blockages, I use it for improving my quality of Life. I highly recommend Sonic massage to anyone looking to improve their life.

About Ana:

It is rare that you can come across standout talent like Anahita who is equally grounded and naturally gifted with Energy healing and transformation. Many thanks to you and I wish you more success with your aim to heal and raise the vibration of the planet. Om Shanti

- AJ Virvan, London (1-2-1 Sound Healing and Reiki)


Ana goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and is so knowledgeable in her field. I will use her services again.

I think the biggest benefit has been the release of tension from my neck and lower back. I literally always had a stiff neck for as long as I can remember and very frequently suffered from lower back pain but genuinely after our first session, these elevated instantly. Even since completing our sessions I've not felt  the same kind of tension. I feel more relaxed in my body.

I've been using my personalized guided meditation  and I can't begin to tell you how useful it has been in keeping me centred and grounded during difficult weeks.

I'm a very emotional  person so it can be difficult to ground myself but it's much easier after the exercises Ana suggests to pair with my guided meditation.

Leyla Mendiolea, London (1-2-1 Sound Healing)